The Seneca Managed Storage EIS Fund

An alternative investment fund specialising in EIS qualifying investment into managed storage facilities


The Seneca Managed Storage EIS Fund provides investors with the ability to invest in a number of managed storage facilities whilst benefiting from both the tax reliefs available under EIS and the underlying asset value represented by the freehold or long leasehold storage sites.

The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service is a compelling investment option which combines the significant tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme with the potential for attractive returns. We do not factor tax reliefs into our targeted investment returns and consider each opportunity on its merit regardless of the tax reliefs available. We offer a discretionary investment management service where the shares are held by a nominee of our independent custodian to the investors order.


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Our EIS Brochures and Application forms are now available to download.

The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

The Seneca Managed Storage EIS Fund 2

Live Portfolio

A Selection from our EIS Investment Portfolio

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Investment Approach

Targeting more established and stable businesses with good growth potential is central to our investment strategy

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Our EIS portfolio charging structure is low and designed to align Seneca to our Investors Objectives

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Key Features

Enterprise Investment Schemes grant generous tax benefits in return for providing equity funding to qualifying businesses

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Risk Factors

You should not invest in this product unless you have thought carefully about whether you can afford it, and whether it is right for you

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Unrivalled Experience

Our team brings together decades of success in providing investment solutions and success for investors

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This website makes reference to the previous rounds of investments made by Seneca Partners on behalf of certain investors within the Seneca EIS Portfolio Service. The rationale for the investment may no longer be valid. Under no circumstances should you take this information as a recommendation by Seneca Partners for you to invest in the Service or in any of the companies listed above.

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