Wejo are revolutionising the car industry with innovative user-centric B2C solutions developed using a cutting-edge combination of big data, telematics and mobile technology.

User experience is always at the forefront of their own-brand, white label and bespoke app developments. Using rewards-based models and unique journey data capturing technology, Wejo deliver unparalleled business insights for a range of companies and enable them to better connect with their customer base.

Wejo has evolved so it is about more than journey data capturing alone; they’ve expanded their scope to include a trusted driving data exchange platform and are continually seeking valuable and unique solutions for businesses wanting to reach their customers and stand out in the marketplace.

The wejo Group runs three successful brands: wejo Rewards, their rewards and driving app; wejo SDK, their journey data capturing technology; and OEMx, a secure and vast data exchange platform.

Through these brands and solutions, Wejo offer clients and partners creative opportunities to reach their customer and potential customer base alongside delivering invaluable behavioural insights.

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